Openlab is collaborating with Flowpix video production for their Conference Center’s customers. Flowpix have set their TV studio at Openlab and together we are a strong team that can help you with your events. Flowpix have long experience worldwide in video and film production, and in the packages below, you can preview the 4 main products options available.

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1 - Documentation format - summary video

Filming and editing of summary of the event including mingle, parts of the presentations and short interviews with participants, organizers and speakers. This is where you want to tell us what you did during the event into a video cut of a 1-2 minute that can be used in social media or in other contexts.

- Stand alone summary video. 15.000 sek ex/tax
- Summery video together fullrecording (2) 6.000 sek on top of half or full day production.

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2 - Documentation format - full recording

Filming and editing of the entire seminars and presentations where you include the slots in the presentation. You can get full and shortened versions as desired. 

- Half day 11.000 sek ex/tax
- Full day 19.000 sek ex/tax


3 - Live-streaming

High quality Live broadcast with one or two cameras to the desired streaming platform such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or other preferred supplier. 

- Price 17.000 sek ex/tax


4 - TV setup

Making of TV studio content at Flowpix TV studio at Openlab during or after your event. 

- Half day 8.800 sek ex/tax
- Full day 13.400 sek ex/tax

You are welcome to contact us with your request for more details.

Daniel Persson / / +46 70 374 3747