Openlab and Flowpix have a close collaboration regarding video production for Openlabs conference centre and together we are a strong team that can help you with your events. Flowpix have long experience worldwide in video and film production. In the packages below you can see some products we think can be helpful for you.

Book your conference room with video recording service via Openlab's Conference Center website:

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1 - Documentation format - summary video

Filming and editing of summary from event with mingle, parts of presentations and short interviews with participants, organizers and speakers. This is cut into a 1-2 minute summing video that can be used in social media or in other contexts where you want to tell us what you did during the event.

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2 - Documentation format - full recording

Filming and editing of entire seminars / presentations where you include the slots in the presentation. You can get full and shortened versions as desired.


3 - Live-streaming

Live broadcast with one or two cameras to the desired streaming platform like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or other preferred supplier.


4 - TV setup

Making of TV studio content i the TV studio at Openlab.