We have over 13 years experience in video and film and photo production on an international level. We also do audio production like podcasts and still photography in order to generate content for film, digital platforms and presentations.


Documentaries where companies telling about their innovations, technology, leadership culture etc.


Showcase, product presentations and service presentations, reports, press releases, event videos, news reports.

Emotional storytelling

Advertising, short films, branded web-tv, viral videos.

Education videos

Seminars, how to install videos, case videos that is part of and education module.

Prototyping video

You working with the development of a service or product that not is ready yet. With the help of a video you can give a clear picture for investors and users how the service or product will work when it is launched on the market.

Production and content strategy

We help our clients to make a plan for their video communication.


Audio production of podcasts. We help you to plan, record, edit and distribute your podcasts.


Pictures for your film, website, social media, blogs etc. For example we have taken all the footage on this site. We also do press pictures, event photography and videos based on stills.


Case videos is a kind of documentary that is really helpful when you want to show your earlier projects for new clients. It shows your quality and establish a stronger understanding for your products and services.

Audio production of podcasts. We help you to plan, record, edit and distribute your podcasts.

Showreel for our corporate and web-tv productions.

This film is produced for TripAdvisor Asia that describes how TripAdvisor helps local business in Cambodia to gain the amount of visitors and grow with help of TripAdvisors services.

A report about the rewarded fashion design duo Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome at ALTEWAISAOME when they won the price price for best collection at the Swedish fashion week.

A video for the international, digital school Hyper Island in Singapore. The purpose with the video is to give a taste on their methodology and how one of their courses works.

Demonstration video for British Gas to demonstrate a prototype of a service design project.

Max Factor TV, a Swedish web-tv connect that have being produced during six fashion weeks in Stockholm. The episodes was published on youtube and on fashion blogs.

Case video about the app game Points Rusch for American Express in Singapore.